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Argentina - Hosted the eleventh World Cup, in 1978. Argentina - Hosted the eleventh World Cup, in 1978.

Holland contested the 1978 World Cup Final, in Argentina, for the second time in a row; and as in West Germany, again they finished runners-up to the hosts.

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Argentina 1978 - First Round, Final Round, Third place, 1978 World Cup Final.

World Cup History - Argentina 1978

Home side Argentina, welcomed by sackfulls of shredded newspaper drifting down from the stands, stumbled to Italy in the first-round group stage and almost lost out on a final spot to Brazil.

Argentina needed to beat Peru by four clear goals, in the last group match. They managed six, with Mario Kempes (the tournament's leading goalscorer with six goals) adding another two to his tally.

For the fifth time, in eleven World Cup Finals, a host nation lifted football's greatest prize: Uruguay, in 1930; Italy, in 1934; England, in 1966 and West Germany, in 1974 had all achieved the feat.

After Argentina, home fans needed to wait 20 years to see this achieved again; in France 98.

After the Argentina 1978 World Cup Finals, Keith Burkinshaw went on to make the shrewdest buys of the summer, by bringing Osvaldo 'Ossie' Ardiles and Ricardo 'Ricky' Villa to Tottenham's White Hart Lane.

In August of 1978, Tottenham fans introduced sackfuls of ticker-tape at Nottingham Forest's Trent Bridge; helping the Argentinians feel at home in English football.

First Round - Group Stage

Group 1

Played in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata.

2nd June
Argentina vs Hungary (2:1)
Italy vs France (2:1)

6th June
Argentina vs France (2:1)
Italy vs Hungary (3:1)

10th June
Italy vs Argentina (1:0)
France vs Hungary (3:1)

Italy and Argentina qualify for the final round.

Group 2

1st June
Buenos Aires: West Germany vs Poland (0:0)

2nd June
Rosario: Tunisia vs Mexico (3:1)

6th June
Cordoba: West Germany vs Mexico (6:0)
Rosario: Poland vs Tunisia (1:0)

10th June
Cordoba: West Germany vs Tunisia (0:0)
Rosario: Poland vs Mexico (3:1)

Poland and West Germany qualify for the final round.

Group 3

Played in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata.

3rd June
Austria vs Spain (2:1)
Sweden vs Brazil (1:1)

7th June
Austria vs Sweden (1:0)
Brazil vs Spain (0:0)

11th June
Spain vs Sweden (1:0)
Brazil vs Austria (1:0)

Austria and Brazil qualify for the final round.

Group 4

Played in Cordoba and Mendoza.

3rd June
Peru vsv Scotland (3:1)
Holland vs Iran (3:0)

7th June
Scotland vs Iran (1:1)
Holland vs Peru (0:0)

11th June
Peru vs Iran (4:1)
Scotland vs Holland (3:2)

Peru and Holland qualify for the final round.

Final Round - 2nd Group Stage

Group A

Played in Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

14th June
West Germany vs Italy (0:0)
Holland vs Austria (5:1)

18th June
Italy vs Austria (1:0)
West Germany vs Holland (2:2)

21st June
Holland vs Italy (2:1)
Austria vs West Germany (3:2)

Holland won two and drew one, to reach the final.

Group B

Played in Mendoza and Rosario.

14th June
Brazil vs Peru (3:0)
Argentina vs Poland (2:0)

18th June
Poland vs Peru (1:0)
Argentina vs Brazil (0:0)

21st June
Brazil vs Poland (3:1)
Argentina vs Peru (6:0)

Argentina scored more goals than Brazil against Peru, to earn a place in the final.

Third Place - 24th June, 1978

Buenos Aires: Brazil vs Italy (2:1)

1978 World Cup Final
25th June:
Argentina vs Holland (3:1 aet)
Buenos Aires.

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Travel to Argentina Argentina
Group 1 (2:1) (2:1) (0:1)
Group B (2:0) (0:0) (6:0)
Winner (3:1 aet)

Travel to Austria Austria
Group 3 (2:1) (1:0) (0:1)
Group A (1:5) (0:1) (3:2)

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Group 3 (1:1) (0:0) (1:0)
Group B (3:0) (0:0) (3:1)
Third place (2:1)

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Group 1 (1:2) (1:2) (3:1)

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Group 4 (3:0) (0:0) (2:3)
Group A (5:1) (2:2) (2:1)
Finalist (1:3 aet)

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Group 1 (1:2) (1:2) (1:3)

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Group 4 (0:3) (1:1) (1:4)

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Group 1 (2:1) (3:1) (1:0)
Group A (0:0) (1:0) (1:2)
Third place (1:2)

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Group 2 (1:3) (0:6) (1:3)

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Group 4 (3:1) (0:0) (4:1)
Group B (0:3) (0:1) (0:6)

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Group 2 (0:0) (1:0) (3:1)
Group B (0:2) (1:0) (1:3)

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Group 4 (1:3) (1:1) (3:2)

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Group 3 (1:2) (0:0) (1:0)

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Group 3 (1:1) (0:1) (1:1)

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Group 2 (3:1) (0:1) (0:0)

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Group 2 (0:0) (6:0) (0:0)
Group A (0:0) (2:2) (2:3)

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