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World Cup Finals Blog Home: World Cup Finals: Brazil 2014: Natal - Estadio das Dunas

Estadio das Dunas in Natal plays host to four, group stage, World Cup matches.

Estadio das Dunas - Natal, Brazil 2014
Natal - Estadio das Dunas

In the group stage, Natal hosted fans from Travel to Cameroon Cameroon, Travel to Ghana Ghana, Travel to Greece Greece, Travel to Italy Italy, Travel to Japan Japan, Travel to Mexico Mexico, Travel to Uruguay Uruguay and Travel to USA USA.

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Natal, Christmas in Portuguese, was named after the day Jeronimo de Albuquerque redefined the limits of the village by the Potengi River, back in 1599.

The Three Kings' Fort was also named for the day construction on it started; 6th January 1598.

Natal, one of the closest cities  to Europe located in the Americas, is often referred to as Cidade do Sol (Sun City).

The capital of Rio Grande do Norte has a number of attractive beaches close by; Ponta Negra, Genipabu, Redinha, Pipa, and Pirangi among them.

Football in Natal

America Futebol Clube, ABC Futebol Clube and Alecrim Futebol Clube are the top three teams in Rio Grande do Norte; all of them based in Natal.

Estadio das Dunas - Natal

2014 World Cup Finals fixtures played at Estadio das Dunas.

Friday, 13th June

Group A
Travel to Mexico Mexico vs Cameroon Travel to Cameroon (1:0)

Monday, 16th June

Group G
Travel to Ghana Ghana vs USA Travel to USA (1:2)

Thursday, 19th June

Group C
Travel to Japan Japan vs Greece Travel to Greece (0:0)

Tuesday, 24th June

Group D
Travel to Italy Italy vs Uruguay Travel to Uruguay (0:1)

Road to The Final.

Natal Accommodation

Hotels in Natal.

Hotels Near Estadio das Dunas - Natal

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Natal Tourism

The number one reason to travel to Natal is to visit its nearby beaches and sand dunes.

Natal also has a fascinating historical centre and great nightlife.

Turismo Natal:
Official tourism portal of Natal.

Getting to Natal

Natal by Air

The Natal International Airport is about 26km from the downtown Natal.

Natal by Road

The Rodoviária de Natal is located on Av. Capitão Mor Gouveia, in Cidade da Esperança, to the east of Natal.

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Travel to Brazil

Brazil Travel Notes:
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The Road to Rio

2014 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

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