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Chile - Hosted the seventh World Cup, in 1962. Chile - Hosted the seventh World Cup, in 1962.

The seventh World cup finals were staged in South America again, after two consecutive tournaments in Europe: Switzerland in 1954 and Sweden in 1958.

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Chile 1962 - First Round, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Third place, 1962 World Cup Final.

World Cup History - Chile 1962

Uruguay and Brazil had both staged the tournament before so this time the surprise choice was Chile, considered by some to be too small to stage the World Cup.

Only four venues were used for the whole tournament: Arica, Santiago, Vina del Mar and Rancagua.

Many of the first-round games, in the 1962 World Cup, were tense and fiercely contested. Pelé was injured in the opening round and there was quite a battle in Group 2, between Chile and Italy; where two Italians were shown the red card and one had his nose broken.

Four of the first-round games ended in (0:0) draws.

On the 7th June, Czechoslovakia player Vaclav Masek opened the scoring against Mexico, in a record 15 seconds. The Mexicans didn't seem to worry and came back to win the game (3:1). The only game they did win, in Chile 1962.

Czechoslovakia overcame Hungary in the quarter-finals and Yugoslavia in the semis, while Brazil took care of England and the host nation, Chile, on the way to the final.

Brazil went on to win the World Cup for a second time; equaling the records of Uruguay and Italy, without their Star of Sweden.

First Round - Group Stage

Group 1

Played in Arica.

30th May
Uruguay vs Colombia (2:1)

31st May
USSR vs Yugoslavia (2:0)

2nd June
Yugoslavia vs Uruguay (3:1)

3rd June
USSR vs Colombia (4:4)

6th June
USSR vs Uruguay (2:1)

7th June
Yugoslavia vs Colombia (5:0)

USSR and Yugoslavia qualify for the quarter-finals.

Group 2

Played in Santiago.

30th May
Chile vs Switzerland (3:1)

31st May
West Germany vs Italy (0:0)

2nd June
Chile vs Italy (2:0)

3rd June
West Germany vs Switzerland (2:1)

6th June
West Germany vs Chile (2:0)

7th June
Italy vs Switzerland (3:0)

West Germany and Chile qualify for the quarter-finals.

Group 3

Played in Vina del Mar.

30th May
Brazil vs Mexico (2:0)

31st May
Czechoslovakia vs Spain (1:0)

2nd June
Brazil vs Czechoslovakia (0:0)

3rd June
Spain vs Mexico (1:0)

6th June
Brazil vs Spain (2:1)

7th June
Mexico vs Czechoslovakia (3:1)

Brazil and Czechoslovakia qualify for the quarter-finals.

Group 4

Played in Rancagua.

30th May
Argentina vs Bulgaria (1:0)

31st May
Hungary vs England (2:1)

2nd June
England vs Argentina (3:1)

3rd June
Hungary vs Bulgaria (6:1)

6th June
Hungary vs Argentina (0:0)

7th June
England vs Bulgaria (0:0)

Hungary and England qualify for the quarter-finals.

Quarter-Finals - 10th June, 1962

Arica: Chile vs USSR (2:1)

Rancagua: Czechoslovakia vs Hungary (1:0)

Santiago: Yugoslavia vs West Germany (1:0)

Vina del Mar: Brazil vs England (3:1)

Semi-Finals - 13th June, 1962

Santiago: Brazil vs Chile (4:2)

Vina del Mar: Czechoslovakia vs Yugoslavia (3:1)

Third Place - 16th June, 1962

Santiago: Chile vs Yugoslavia (1:0)

1962 World Cup Final
17th June:
Brazil vs Czechoslovakia (3:1)

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Group 4 (1:0) (1:3) (0:0)

Travel to Brazil Brazil
Group 3 (2:0) (0:0) (2:1)
Quarter-finals (3:1)
Semi-finals (4:2)
Winner (3:1)

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Group 4 (0:1) (1:6) (0:0)

Travel to Chile Chile
Group 2 (3:1) (2:0) (0:2)
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Third place (1:0)

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Group 1 (1:2) (4:4) (0:5)

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Group 3 (1:0) (0:0) (1:3)
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Group 4 (1:2) (3:1) (0:0)
Quarter-finals (1:3)

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Group 1 (2:1) (1:3) (1:2)

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Group 1 (2:0) (4:4) (2:1)
Quarter-finals (1:2)

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Group 2 (0:0) (2:1) (2:0
Quarter-finals (0:1)

Travel to Serbia Yugoslavia
Group 1 (0:2) (3:1) (5:0)
Quarter-finals (1:0)
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Third place (0:1)

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