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France - Hosted the third World Cup, in 1938. France - Hosted the third World Cup, in 1938.

The third World Cup was held in Europe for a second time, although Germany had annexed Austria, and Spain was in civil turmoil.

Austria (who had already qualified for the tournament, after a play-off match with Latvia) withdrew and some of their players appeared for Germany.

England were offered a spot in the finals, in Austria's place, but the English didn't accept FIFA's invitation and so the finals started with 15 teams; Sweden receiving a bye.

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France 1938 - Preliminary Round, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Third place, 1938 World Cup Final.

World Cup History - France 1938

Uruguay and other South American nations were again disgrutled; they wanted the tournament in Argentina. Argentina withdrew, leaving Brazil the only representative from South America.

The Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia) represented Asia without playing a single game in qualifying. Japan were at war with China and the United States refused another pre-finals play-off -- having beaten Mexico on their way to Italy 34.

For the first time, the World Cup holders and host nation automatically qualified; although the hosts wouldn't win the tournament on home turf for the third competition in succession and Italy were to make it two out of two instead -- comfortably beating the hosts in the Paris quarter-final, before overcoming Brazil in their semi-final and dominating Hungary in the final.

Sadly, the World War years meant no more World Cup football until Brazil 1950.

Preliminary Round

4th June
Paris: Switzerland vs Germany (1:1 aet)

5th June
Le Havre: Czechoslovakia vs Holland (3:0 aet)
Marseille: Italy vs Norway (2:1 aet)
Paris: France vs Belgium (3:1)
Reims: Hungary vs Dutch East Indies (6:0)
Strasbourg: Brazil vs Poland (6:5 aet)
Toulouse: Cuba vs Romania (3:3 aet)

Replays -- 9th June
Paris: Switzerland vs Germany (4:2)
Toulouse: Cuba vs Romania (2:1)

Quarter-Finals -- 12th June, 1938

Antibes: Sweden vs Cuba (8:0)

Bordeaux: Brazil vs Czechoslovakia (1:1 aet)

Lille: Hungary vs Switzerland (2:0)

Paris: Italy vs France (3:1)

Replay -- 14th June
Bordeaux: Brazil vs Czechoslovakia (2:1)

Semi-Finals -- 16th June, 1938

Marseille: Italy vs Brazil (2:1)

Paris: Hungary vs Sweden (5:1)

Third Place -- 19th June, 1938

Bordeaux: Brazil vs Sweden (4:2)

1938 World Cup Final
19th June:
Italy vs Hungary (4:2)

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15 Countries

Travel to Belgium Belgium
Preliminary (1:3)

Travel to Brazil Brazil
Preliminary (6:5 aet)
Quarter-finals (1:1) (2:1)
Semi-finals (1:2)
Third place (4:2)

Travel to Cuba Cuba
Preliminary (3:3) (2:1)
Quarter-finals (0:8)

Travel to Czech Republic Czechoslovakia
Preliminary (3:0 aet)
Quarter-finals (1:1) (1:2)

Travel to Indonesia Dutch East Indies
Preliminary (0:6)

Travel to France France
Preliminary (3:1)
Quarter-finals (1:3)

Travel to Germany Germany
Preliminary (1:1) (2:4)

Travel to Holland Holland
Preliminary (0:3 aet)

Travel to Hungary Hungary
Preliminary (6:0)
Quarter-finals (2:0)
Semi-finals (5:1)
Finalist (2:4)

Travel to Italy Italy
Preliminary (2:1 aet)
Quarter-finals (3:1)
Semi-finals (2:1)
Winner (4:2)

Travel to Norway Norway
Preliminary (1:2 aet)

Travel to Poland Poland
Preliminary (5:6 aet)

Travel to Romania Romania
Preliminary (3:3) (1:2)

Travel to Sweden Sweden
Quarter-finals (8:0)
Semi-finals (1:5)
Third place (2:4)

Travel to Switzerland Switzerland
Preliminary (1:1) (4:2)
Quarter-finals (0:2)

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