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France - Hosted the sixteenth World Cup, in 1998. France - Hosted the sixteenth World Cup, in 1998.

32 teams competed in the 16th World Cup -- better known as France 98 -- offering fans a total of 64 matches, at reasonable viewing times for the European television audience. covers all the games in the France 98 archives.

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France 1998 - First Round, Second Round, Quarter-finals, Third place. 1998 World Cup Final.

World Cup History - France 1998

Croatia, appearing in their first World Cup Finals tournament as an independent nation, were the surprise of the competition; beating a tired-out Germany team in the quarter-finals, before losing out narrowly to soon to be World Champions France, in the semi-finals.

For their efforts, Croatia picked up the wooden spoon for third place and Davor Suker the Golden boot; as the tournament's leading scorer, with six goals.

Revelation of the tournament was young Michael Owen, who scored a stunning solo goal against Argentina in the second round. David Beckham let the England side down by needlessly getting sent off at the start of the second-half, with the game at (2:2). Ten-man England held on gallantly and Sol Campbell even scored what might have been England's winner (heading in from a corner) had Alan 'Windmill' Shearer not elbowed the Argentine goalkeeper in the face as the ball came over.

But the headlines belonged to France, the only team to win all of their games; three of them with only ten men (Zinedine Zidane was sent off against Saudi Arabia, Laurent Blanc against Croatia and Marcel Desailly in the final, against Brazil).

France became the 6th nation to win the World Cup on home soil; having failed at their previous attempt, in France 1938.

France 98 Matches by Date - France 98 Matches by Stadium.

First Round - Group Stage

Opening up the World Cup Finals tournament to 32 teams, with eight groups of four competing in the first round group stage, meant a lot more goals in the tournament; 171 goals were scored.

It also meant that only the top two teams, in each group, would move on to the last 16; no more room for a third-placed houdini act in the opening round.

Group A

10th June
Montpellier: Morocco vs Norway (2:2)
Saint-Denis: Brazil vs Scotland (2:1)

16th June
Bordeaux: Scotland vs Norway (1:1)
Nantes: Brazil vs Morocco (3:0)

23rd June
Marseille: Norway vs Brazil (2:1)
St. Etienne: Morocco vs Scotland (3:0)

Brazil and Norway move onto the 2nd Round.

Group B

11th June
Bordeaux: Italy vs Chile (2:2)
Toulouse: Cameroon vs Austria (1:1)

17th June
Montpellier: Italy vs Cameroon (3:0)
St. Etienne: Chile vs Austria (1:1)

23rd June
Nantes: Chile vs Cameroon (1:1)
Saint-Denis: Italy vs Austria (2:1)

Italy and Chile move onto the 2nd Round.

Group C

12th June
Lens: Denmark vs Saudi Arabia (1:0)
Marseille: France vs South Africa (3:0)

18th June
Saint-Denis: France vs Saudi Arabia (4:0)
Toulouse: South Africa vs Denmark (1:1)

24th June
Bordeaux: South Africa vs Saudi Arabia (2:2)
Lyon: France vs Denmark (2:1)

France and Denmark move onto the 2nd Round.

Group D

12th June
Montpellier: Paraguay vs Bulgaria (0:0)

13th June
Nantes: Nigeria vs Spain (3:2)

19th June
Paris: Nigeria vs Bulgaria (1:0)
St. Etienne: Spain vs Paraguay (0:0)

24th June
Lens: Spain vs Bulgaria (6:1)
Toulouse: Paraguay vs Nigeria (3:1)

Nigeria and Paraguay move onto the 2nd Round.

Group E

13th June
Lyon: Mexico vs South Korea (3:1)
Saint-Denis: Holland vs Belgium (0:0)

20th June
Bordeaux: Belgium vs Mexico (2:2)
Marseille: Holland vs South Korea (5:0)

25th June
Paris: Belgium vs South Korea (1:1)
St. Etienne: Holland vs Mexico (2:2)

Holland and Mexico move onto the 2nd Round.

Group F

14th June
St. Etienne: Yugoslavia vs Iran (1:0)

15th June
Paris: Germany vs United States (2:0)

21st June
Lens: Germany vs Yugoslavia (2:2)
Lyon: Iran vs United States (2:1)

25th June
Montpellier: Germany vs Iran (2:0)
Nantes: Yugoslavia vs United States (1:0)

Germany and Yugoslavia move onto the 2nd Round.

Group G

15th June
Lyon: Romania vs Colombia (1:0)
Marseille: England vs Tunisia (2:0)

22nd June
Montpellier: Colombia vs Tunisia (1:0)
Toulouse: Romania vs England (2:1)

26th June
Lens: England vs Colombia (2:0)
Saint-Denis: Romania vs Tunisia (1:1)

Romania and England move onto the 2nd Round.

Group H

14th June
Lens: Croatia vs Jamaica (3:1)
Toulouse: Argentina vs Japan (1:0)

20th June
Nantes: Croatia vs Japan (1:0)

21st June
Paris: Argentina vs Jamaica (5:0)

26th June
Bordeaux: Argentina vs Croatia (1:0)
Lyon: Jamaica vs Japan (2:1)

Argentina and Croatia move onto the 2nd Round.

Second Round - The Last 16

27th June
Marseille: Italy vs Norway (1:0)
Paris: Brazil vs Chile (4:1)

28th June
Lens: France vs Paraguay (1:0 aet)
Saint-Denis: Denmark vs Nigeria (4:1)

29th June
Montpellier: Germany vs Mexico (2:1)
Toulouse: Holland vs Yugoslavia (2:1)

30th June
Bordeaux: Croatia vs Romania (1:0)
St. Etienne: Argentina vs England (2:2 aet) (4:3pens)

Quarter-Finals - 3rd/4th July, 1998

3rd July
Nantes: Brazil vs Denmark (3:2)

Saint-Denis: France vs Italy (0:0 aet) (4:3pens)

4th July
Lyon: Croatia vs Germany (3:0)

Marseille: Holland vs Argentina (2:1)

Semi-Finals - 7th/8th July, 1998

7th July
Marseille: Brazil vs Holland (1:1 aet) (4:2pens)

8th July
Saint-Denis: France vs Croatia (2:1)

Third Place - 11th July, 1998

Paris: Croatia vs Holland (2:1)

1998 World Cup Final
12th July:
France vs Brazil (3:0)

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32 Countries

Travel to Argentina Argentina
Group H (1:0) (5:0) (1:0)
Second Round
(2:2 aet) (4:3pens)
Quarter-finals (1:2)

Travel to Austria Austria
Group B (1:1) (1:1) (1:2)

Travel to Belgium Belgium
Group E (0:0) (2:2) (1:1)

Travel to Brazil Brazil
Group A (2:1) (3:0) (1:2)
Second Round (4:1)
Quarter-finals (3:2)
(1:1 aet) (4:2pens)
Finalist (0:3)

Travel to Bulgaria Bulgaria
Group D (0:0) (0:1) (1:6)

Travel to Cameroon Cameroon
Group B (1:1) (0:3) (1:1)

Travel to Chile Chile
Group B (2:2) (1:1) (1:1)
Second Round (1:4)

Travel to Colombia Colombia
Group G (0:1) (1:0) (0:2)

Travel to Croatia Croatia
Group H (3:1) (1:0) (0:1)
Second Round (1:0)
Quarter-finals (3:0)
Semi-finals (1:2)
Third place (2:1)

Travel to Denmark Denmark
Group C (1:0) (1:1) (1:2)
Second Round (4:1)
Quarter-finals (2:3)

Travel to England England
Group G (2:0) (1:2) (2:0)
Second Round
(2:2 aet) (3:4pens)

Travel to France France
Group C (3:0) (4:0) (2:1)
Second Round (1:0 aet)
(0:0 aet) (4:3pens)
Semi-finals (2:1)
Winner (3:0)

Travel to Germany Germany
Group F (2:0) (2:2) (2:0)
Second Round (2:1)
Quarter-finals (0:3)

Travel to Holland Holland
Group E (0:0) (5:0) (2:2)
Second Round (2:1)
Quarter-finals (2:1)
(1:1 aet) (2:4pens)
Third place (1:2)

Travel to Iran Iran
Group F (0:1) (2:1) (0:2)

Travel to Italy Italy
Group B (2:2) (3:0) (2:1)
Second Round (1:0)
(0:0 aet) (3:4pens)

Travel to Jamaica Jamaica
Group H (1:3) (0:5) (2:1)

Travel to Japan Japan
Group H (0:1) (0:1) (1:2)

Travel to Mexico Mexico
Group E (3:1) (2:2) (2:2)
Second Round (1:2)

Travel to Morocco Morocco
Group A (2:2) (0:3) (3:0)

Travel to Nigeria Nigeria
Group D (3:2) (1:0) (1:3)
Second Round (1:4)

Travel to Norway Norway
Group A (2:2) (1:1) (2:1)
Second Round (0:1)

Travel to Paraguay Paraguay
Group D (0:0) (0:0) (3:1)
Second Round (0:1 aet)

Travel to Romania Romania
Group G (1:0) (2:1) (1:1)
Second Round (0:1)

Travel to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Group C (0:1) (0:4) (2:2)

Travel to Scotland Scotland
Group A (1:2) (1:1) (0:3)

Travel to South Africa South Africa
Group C (0:3) (1:1) (2:2)

Travel to South Korea South Korea
Group E (1:3) (0:5) (1:1)

Travel to Spain Spain
Group D (2:3) (0:0) (6:1)

Travel to Tunisia Tunisia
Group G (0:2) (0:1) (1:1)

Travel to USA United States
Group F (0:2) (1:2) (0:1)

Travel to Serbia Yugoslavia
Group F (1:0) (2:2) (1:0)
Second Round (1:2)

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