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Jamaica Travel Notes -- Jamaica lies south of Cuba and is the the third largest island in the Greater Antilles. Find out more about Jamaica @ Travel Notes.

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Jamaica in the World Cup Finals

World Cup Appearances:
France 1998 was Jamaica's 1st appearance in the World Cup Finals.

Best World Cup Performance:
They may not be as good at football as they are at cricket, but under the coaching of Brazilian René Simoes, Jamaica have started to show more promise.

Jamaica in the 1998 World Cup

Jamaica Football Federation.
Group H

14th June: vs. Croatia (1:3) in Lens.

21st June: vs. Argentina (0:5) in Paris.

26th June: vs. Japan (2:1) in Lyon.

The Reggae Boyz raised a good cheer in Kingston when they won their first World Cup finals match with two goals from Theodore Whitmore against Japan.

Knockout Stage

Jamaica failed to qualify for the Second Round.

Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football.

Jamaica Football Federation.

Jamaica World Cup Squad


1 Warren Barrett (Violet Kickers)
13 Aaron Lawrence (Reno)
14 Donovan Ricketts (Waddadah)


2 Stephen Malcolm (Seba United)
3 Christopher Dawes (Galaxy)
4 Linval Dixon (Hazard)
5 Ian Goodison (Olympic Gardens)
12 Dean Sewell (Constant Spring)
15 Ricardo Gardener (Harbour View)
17 Onandi Lowe (Harbour View)
19 Frank Sinclair (Chelsea)
21 Durrent Brown (Waddadah)


6 Fitzro Simpson (Portsmouth)
7 Peter Cargill (Harbour View)
9 Andrew Williams (Real Mona)
11 Theodore Whitmore (Seba United)
16 Robert Earle (Wimbledon)
20 Darryl Powell (Derby County)


8 Marcus Gayle (Wimbledon)
10 Walter Boyd (Arnett Gardens)
18 Deon Burton (Derby County)
22 Paul Hall (Portsmouth)

René Simoes.

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Destination Jamaica

Jamaica Travel Notes:
Find out more about Jamaica @ Travel Notes.

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