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Romania Travel Notes -- From the meandering River Danube and the beaches on the Black Sea, to intriguing castles perched precariously on mysterious mountain peaks, travellers to Romania are in for a treat. Find out more about Romania @ Travel Notes.

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Romania in the World Cup Finals

World Cup Appearances:
France 1998 was Romania's 7th appearance in the World Cup Finals.

Best World Cup Performance:
Romania reached the quarter finals in USA 1994, and the last 16 in Italy 1990.

Romania in the 1998 World Cup

Romanian Football Federation.
Group G

15th June: vs. Colombia (1:0) in Lyon.

22nd June: vs. England (2:1) in Toulouse.

26th June: vs. Tunisia (1:1) in Saint-Denis.

While some teams might celebrate a victory by painting the town red, Romania chose to paint their heads yellow after beating England. It's one thing for the fans to make such statements, quite another for the team to look like a bunch of clowns.

Romanian football died that night as they struggled to draw with Tunisia in their next match.

Knockout Stage

2nd Round
30th June: vs. Croatia (0:1) in Bordeaux.

Romania then looked lethargic against Croatia in the Second Round.

Union des Associations Européennes de Football.

Romanian Football Federation.

Romania World Cup Squad


1 Dan Stingaciu (Kokaelyspor)
12 Bogdan Stelea (Salamanque)
22 Florin Prunea (Dynamo Bucarest)


2 Dan Petrescu (Chelsea)
3 Cristian Dulca (Rapid Bucarest)
4 Anton Dobos (AEK Athens)
6 Gheorghe Popescu (Galatasaray)
13 Liviu Ciobotariu (Dynamo Bucarest)
18 Iulian Filipescu (Galatasaray)
20 Tibor Selymes (Anderlecht)


5 Costel Galca (Espanyol Barcelona)
8 Dorinel Munteanu (FC Köln)
10 Gheorghe Hagi (Galatasaray)
15 Lucian Marinescu (Rapid Bucarest)
16 Gabriel Popescu (Salamanqua)
19 Ovidiu Stinga (PSV Eindhoven)


7 Marius Lacatus (Steaua Bucarest)
9 Viorel Moldovan (Coventry City)
11 Adrian Ilie (Valence)
14 Radu Niculescu (FC National)
17 Ilie Dumitrescu (Atlante)
21 Gheorghe Craioveanu (Real Sociedad)

Anghel Iordanescu.

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Destination Romania

Romania Travel Notes:
Find out more about Romania @ Travel Notes.

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