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Germany - Hosted the eighteenth World Cup, in 2006. Germany - Hosted the eighteenth World Cup, in 2006.

Germany won the bid for the 2006 World Cup, ahead of South Africa and England.

The 2006 World Cup Finals ran from 9th June to 9th July, with the opening match in Munich and the final in Berlin. Munich and Dortmund hosted the semi-finals.

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Germany 2006 - First Round, Second Round, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Third place, 2006 World Cup Final.

World Cup History - Germany 2006

Host Cities
The twelve host cities: Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Hannover, Kaiserslautern, Köln, Leipzig, München, Nürnberg, and Stuttgart.

Eight of the cities hosted five matches, while Berlin, Dortmund, Munich and Stuttgart each hosted six; a total of 64 games.

No team could play in the same stadium twice, during the group stage, and there were at least two days in between matches played in the same stadium. Each city also played host to two of the top seeds and no city hosted two games from the same group.

The draw for the finals took place in Leipzig on Friday, December 9th 2005.

World Cup Schedule by Date.

Bookings and Sending Offs, Injuries and Suspensions, Leading Goalscorers.

First Round - Group Stage

Group A

Group A Table

Friday, 9th June
Gelsenkirchen: Poland vs Ecuador (0:2)
München: Germany vs Costa Rica (4:2)

Wednesday, 14th June
Dortmund: Germany vs Poland (1:0)

Thursday, 15th June
Hamburg: Ecuador vs Costa Rica (3:0)

Tuesday, 20th June
Berlin: Ecuador vs Germany (0:3)
Hannover: Costa Rica vs Poland (1:2)

Group B

Group B Table

Saturday, 10th June
Dortmund: Trinidad and Tobago vs Sweden (0:0)
Frankfurt: England vs Paraguay (1:0)

Thursday, 15th June
Berlin: Sweden vs Paraguay (1:0)
Nürnberg: England vs Trinidad and Tobago (2:0)

Tuesday, 20th June
Kaiserslautern: Paraguay vs Trinidad and Tobago (2:0)
Köln: Sweden vs England (2:2)

Group C

Group C Table

Saturday, 10th June
Hamburg: Argentina vs Côte d'Ivoire (2:1)

Sunday, 11th June
Leipzig: Serbia and Montenegro vs Holland (0:1)

Friday, 16th June
Gelsenkirchen: Argentina vs Serbia and Montenegro (6:0)
Stuttgart: Holland vs Côte d'Ivoire (2:1)

Wednesday, 21st June
Frankfurt: Holland vs Argentina (0:0)
München: Côte d'Ivoire vs Serbia and Montenegro (3:2)

Group D

Group D Table

Sunday, 11th June
Köln: Angola vs Portugal (0:1)
Nürnberg: Mexico vs Iran (3:1)

Friday, 16th June
Hannover: Mexico vs Angola (0:0)

Saturday, 17th June
Frankfurt: Portugal vs Iran (2:0)

Wednesday, 21st June
Gelsenkirchen: Portugal vs Mexico (2:1)
Leipzig: Iran vs Angola (1:1)

Group E

Group E Table

Monday, 12th June
Gelsenkirchen: USA vs Czech Republic (0:3)
Hannover: Italy vs Ghana (2:0)

Saturday, 17th June
Kaiserslautern: Italy vs USA (1:1)
Köln: Czech Republic vs Ghana (0:2)

Thursday, 22nd June
Hamburg: Czech Republic vs Italy (0:2)
Nürnberg: Ghana vs USA (2:1)

Group F

Group F Table

Monday, 12th June
Kaiserslautern: Australia vs Japan (3:1)

Tuesday, 13th June
Berlin: Brazil vs Croatia (1:0)

Sunday, 18th June
München: Brazil vs Australia (2:0)
Nürnberg: Japan vs Croatia (0:0)

Thursday, 22nd June
Dortmund: Japan vs Brazil (1:4)
Stuttgart: Croatia vs Australia (2:2)

Group G

Group G Table

Tuesday, 13th June
Frankfurt: South Korea vs Togo (2:1)
Stuttgart: France vs Switzerland (0:0)

Sunday, 18th June
Leipzig: France vs South Korea (1:1)

Monday, 19th June
Dortmund: Togo vs Switzerland (0:2)

Friday, 23rd June
Hannover: Switzerland vs South Korea (2:0)
Köln: Togo vs France (0:2)

Group H

Group H Table

Wednesday, 14th June
Leipzig: Spain vs Ukraine (4:0)
München: Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia (2:2)

Monday, 19th June
Hamburg: Saudi Arabia vs Ukraine (0:4)
Stuttgart: Spain vs Tunisia (3:1)

Friday, 23rd June
Berlin: Ukraine vs Tunisia (1:0)
Kaiserslautern: Saudi Arabia vs Spain (0:1)

Second Round - The Last 16

Saturday, 24th June
Leipzig: Argentina vs Mexico (2:1 aet)
München: Germany vs Sweden (2:0)

Sunday, 25th June
Nürnberg: Portugal vs Holland (1:0)
Stuttgart: England vs Ecuador (1:0)

Teams coming through groups A-D get 2 days longer rest.

Monday, 26th June
Kaiserslautern: Italy vs Australia (1:0)
Köln: Switzerland vs Ukraine (0:0 aet) (0:3pens)

Tuesday, 27th June
Dortmund: Brazil vs Ghana (3:0)
Hannover: Spain vs France (1:3)

Quarter-Finals - 30th June and 1st July, 2006

Friday, 30th June
Berlin: Germany vs Argentina (1:1 aet) (4:2pens)

Hamburg: Italy vs Ukraine (3:0)

Saturday, 1st July
Frankfurt: Brazil vs France (0:1)

Gelsenkirchen: England vs Portugal (0:0 aet) (1:3pens)

Semi-Finals - 4th & 5th, 2006

Tuesday, 4th July
Dortmund: Germany vs Italy (0:2 aet)

Wednesday, 5th July
Semi Final Game 2
München: Portugal vs France (0:1)

Third Place - 8th July, 2006

Saturday, 8th July
Stuttgart: Germany vs Portugal (3:1)

2006 World Cup Final
Sunday, 9th July:
Italy vs France (1:1 aet) (5:3pens)

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