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The 17th World Cup, held in Korea and Japan, was the first World Cup finals to be shared by two hosts and the first to be held in Asia.

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Korea-Japan 2002 - First Round, Second Round, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Third Place, 2002 World Cup Final.

2002 World Cup Qualifying.

World Cup History - Korea-Japan 2002

This was only the second time that Japan appeared in a World Cup Finals (France 1998 was their first).

Co-hosts South Korea, on the other hand, were almost old hands; having appeared in five previous World Cup Finals tournaments (1954, 1986, 1990, 1994 and 1998).

The shock of the tournament must have been World Cup holders, France, losing to former colony, Senegal, in the opening game in Seoul.

France never recovered and joined Argentina on the plane home after the Group Stage.

First Round - Group Stage

Group A

Group A Table

Friday, 31st May
Seoul: France vs Senegal (0:1)

Saturday, 1st June
Ulsan: Uruguay vs Denmark (1:2)

Thursday, 6th June
Busan: France vs Uruguay (0:0)
Daegu: Denmark vs Senegal (1:1)

Tuesday, 11th June
Incheon: Denmark vs France (2:0)
Suwon: Senegal vs Uruguay (3:3)

Denmark and Senegal move onto the 2nd Round.

Group B

Group B Table

Sunday, 2nd June
Busan: Paraguay vs South Africa (2:2)
Gwangju: Spain vs Slovenia (3:1)

Friday, 7th June
Jeonju: Spain vs Paraguay (3:1)

Saturday, 8th June
Daegu: South Africa vs Slovenia (1:0)

Wednesday, 12th June
Daejeon: South Africa vs Spain (2:3)
Seogwipo: Slovenia vs Paraguay (1:3)

Spain and Paraguay move onto the 2nd Round.

Group C

Group C Table

Monday, 3rd June
Ulsan: Brazil vs Turkey (2:1)

Tuesday, 4th June
Gwangju: China vs Costa Rica (0:2)

Saturday, 8th June
Seogwipo: Brazil vs China (4:0)

Sunday, 9th June
Incheon: Costa Rica vs Turkey (1:1)

Thursday, 13th June
Seoul: Turkey vs China (3:0)
Suwon: Costa Rica vs Brazil (2:5)

Brazil and Turkey move onto the 2nd Round.

Group D

Group D Table

Tuesday, 4th June
Busan: Sth Korea vs Poland (2:0)

Wednesday, 5th June
Suwon: United States vs Portugal (3:2)

Monday, 10th June
Daegu: Sth Korea vs United States (1:1)
Jeonju: Portugal vs Poland (4:0)

Friday, 14th June
Daejeon: Poland vs United States (3:1)
Incheon: Portugal vs Sth Korea (0:1)

South Korea and United States move onto the 2nd Round.

Group E

Group E Table

Saturday, 1st June
Niigata: Republic of Ireland vs Cameroon (1:1)
Sapporo: Germany vs Saudi Arabia (8:0)

Wednesday, 5th June
Ibaraki: Germany vs Republic of Ireland (1:1)

Thursday, 6th June
Saitama: Cameroon vs Saudi Arabia (1:0)

Tuesday, 11th June
Shizuoka: Cameroon vs Germany (0:2)
Yokohama: Saudi Arabia vs Republic of Ireland (0:3)

Germany and Ireland move onto the 2nd Round.

Group F

Group F Table

Sunday, 2nd June
Ibaraki: Argentina vs Nigeria (1:0)
Saitama: England vs Sweden (1:1)

Friday, 7th June
Kobe: Sweden vs Nigeria (2:1)
Sapporo: Argentina vs England (0:1)

Wednesday, 12th June
Miyagi: Sweden vs Argentina (1:1)
Osaka: Nigeria vs England (0:0)

Sweden and England move onto the 2nd Round.

Group G

Group G Table

Monday, 3rd June
Niigata: Croatia vs Mexico (0:1)
Sapporo: Italy vs Ecuador (2:0)

Saturday, 8th June
Ibaraki: Italy vs Croatia (1:2)

Sunday, 9th June
Miyagi: Mexico vs Ecuador (2:1)

Thursday, 13th June
Oita: Mexico vs Italy (1:1)
Yokohama: Ecuador vs Croatia (1:0)

Mexico and Italy move onto the 2nd Round.

Group H

Group H Table

Tuesday, 4th June
Saitama: Japan vs Belgium (2:2)

Wednesday, 5th June
Kobe: Russia vs Tunisia (2:0)

Sunday, 9th June
Yokohama: Japan vs Russia (1:0)

Monday, 10th June
Oita: Tunisia vs Belgium (1:1)

Friday, 14th June
Osaka: Tunisia vs Japan (0:2)
Shizuoka: Belgium vs Russia (3:2)

Japan and Belgium move onto the 2nd Round.

Second Round - The Last 16

Knockout Stage

Saturday June 15
Niigata: Denmark vs England (0:3)

Seogwipo: Germany vs Paraguay (1:0)

Sunday, 16th June
Oita: Sweden vs Senegal (1:2)

Suwon: Spain vs Ireland (1:1 aet) (3:2pens)

Monday, 17th June
Jeonju: Mexico vs United States (0:2)

Kobe: Brazil vs Belgium (2:0)

Tuesday, 18th June
Daejeon: South Korea vs Italy (2:1 aet)

Miyagi: Japan vs Turkey (0:1)

Quarter-Finals - 21st & 22nd June, 2002

Friday, 21st June
Shizuoka: England vs Brazil (1:2)

Ulsan: Germany vs United States (1:0)

Saturday, June 22
Gwangju: Spain vs South Korea (0:0 aet) (3:5pens)

Osaka: Senegal vs Turkey (0:1 aet)

Semi-Finals - 25th/26th June, 2002

Tuesday, 25th June
Seoul: Germany vs South Korea (1:0)

Wednesday, 26th June
Saitama: Brazil vs Turkey (1:0)

Third Place - 29th June, 2002

Daegu: South Korea vs Turkey (2:3)

2002 World Cup Final
Sunday, 30th June:
Germany vs Brazil (0:2)

Brazil won the World Cup for a record fifth time.

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