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Shizuoka hosted two first round matches and one quarter-final game.

Capacity: 50,600.

2002 World Cup Match Reports.

Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa

Shizuoka Stadium - Japan 2002
Shizuoka Stadium

The stadium is located in an area of gentle hills in the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tuesday, 11th June:

Group E:
Cameroon vs Germany (0:2)

Friday, 14th June:

Group H:
Belgium vs Russia (3:2)

Friday, 21st June:

1/4 Finals Game C
England vs Brazil (1:2)

Getting to the Stadium

Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa is a ten minute-walk from the JR Tokaido Line (Aino station), between the cities of Kakegawa and Fukuroi.

Shizuoka Tourism

Shizuoka prefecture is located in the center of Japan, with Mt. Fuji in the north and the Pacific Ocean and Suruga Bay to the south.

Shizuoka's mountains and rivers, plains and coastline, hot springs and lakes fill the prefecture with constantly changing natural beauty.

Mt Fuji

At 3,776m, Mt Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. The best time to climb it is in July and August. You can, of course, take pictures of it at anytime.

The Tea Museum

Shizuoka is the leading tea-producing prefecture in Japan. The Tea Museum offers visitors a chance to taste local sencha green tea and to learn about the history of drinking and making tea in Japan.

Shizuoka Transportation

By Air

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport operates domestic flights to four cities: Sapporo, Fukuoka, Naha and Kagoshima; regularl international flights to Seoul and Shanghai; and numerous charter flights.

By Rail

JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kakegawa takes 1hr 46mins. From Osaka to Kakegawa it's 2hrs 17 mins.

By Road

If you're travelling by road on the Tomei Highway, from Tokyo to Kakegawa, allow around 2hrs 40mins for the journey.

Shizuoka Accommodation

Shizuoka Hotels:
Find hotels in Shizuoka with special online rates.

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