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Tunisia Travel Notes -- Tunisia is often thought of as the sun and sand capital of North Africa, and with over 1,200 kilometers of Mediterannean coastline that assumption is not far wrong. Find out more about Tunisia @ Travel Notes.

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Tunisia in the World Cup Finals

World Cup Appearances:
Korea-Japan 2002 was Tunisia's 3rd appearance in the World Cup Finals.

Best World Cup Performance:
Tunisia still haven't progressed past the first round.

Tunisia in the 2002 World Cup

Fédération Tunisienne de Football
Group H

Russia vs Tunisia

Jaziri, who had already been booked once for trying to con a penalty from the Jamaican referee, was lucky not to get a second yellow card; for trying it on again.

Tunisia vs Belgium

Tunisia earned a point against Belgium, to keep their World Cup hopes alive.

Tunisia vs Japan

Tunisia failed to score, for the second time in this tournament, and go home with one point from three games.

Knockout Stage

Tunisia failed to qualify for the Second Round.

Confédération Africaine de Football.

Fédération Tunisienne de Football.

Tunisia World Cup Squad


1 Ali Boumnjiel (Basria)
16 Hassen Bejaoui (CA Bizerte)
22 Habib Jaouachi (Etoile Sahel)


2 Khaled Badra (Esperance)
4 Mohamed Mkacher (Etoile du Sahel)
6 Hatem Trabelsi (Ajax Amsterdam)
14 Hamdi Marzouki (Club Africain)
15 Radhi Jaidi (Esperance)
17 Tarek Thabet (Esperance)
19 Emir Mkademi (Etoile Sahel)


3 Zoubaier Baya (Besiktas)
8 Hassen Gabsi (Genoa)
10 Kais Ghodhbane (Etoile Sahel)
12 Raouf Bouzaiene (Genoa)
13 Riadh Bouazizi (Bursaspor)
18 Slim Benachour (Martigues)
23 Clayton (Esperance)


5 Zied Jaziri (Etoile Sahel)
7 Imed Mhedhebi (Genoa)
9 Riadh Jelassi (Club Africain)
11 Adel Sellimi (SC Freiburg)
20 Ali Zitouni (Esperance)
21 Mourad Melki (Esperance)

Henri Michel.

Teams by Group

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Korea First Round Matches.

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Japan First Round Matches.

Destination Tunisia

Tunisia Travel Notes:
Find out more about Tunisia at Travel Notes.

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