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Russia 2018: Group H - World Cup Fixtures and Results

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Russia - Host the twenty-first World Cup, in 2018.

Coverage of Group H matches during the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia between Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan.

Travel to Poland Poland travel to Moscow, Kazan and Volgograd.

Travel to Senegal Senegal travel to Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Samara.

Travel to Colombia Colombia travel to Saransk, Kazan and Samara.

Travel to Japan Japan travel to Saransk, Ekaterinburg and Volgograd.

2018 World Cup Finals - Group H - Fixtures and Results

Group H P W D L F/A Dif Pts
Travel to Poland Poland 0 0 0 0 0/0 -- 0
Travel to Senegal Senegal 0 0 0 0 0/0 -- 0
Travel to Colombia Colombia 0 0 0 0 0/0 -- 0
Travel to Japan Japan 0 0 0 0 0/0 -- 0

Host Cities - Visit Russia.

Group H Games

Tuesday, June 19:

Moscow Spartak:
Travel to Poland Poland v Senegal Travel to Senegal (14.00)

Travel to Colombia Colombia v Japan Travel to Japan (17.00)

Sunday, June 24:

Travel to Japan Japan v Senegal Travel to Senegal (17.00)

Travel to Poland Poland v Colombia Travel to Colombia (20.00)

Thursday, June 28:

Travel to Senegal Senegal v Colombia Travel to Colombia (16.00)

Travel to Japan Japan v Poland Travel to Poland (16.00)

Central European Time (CET)

Second Round - Round of 16

Monday, July 2:
Second Round - Match 54
Rostov-on-Don: 1G v 2H (20.00)

Tuesday, July 3:
Second Round - Match 56
Moscow Spartak: 1H v 2G (20.00)


Friday, July 6:
Quarter-Finals - Match 58
Kazan: Winner match 53 v Winner match 54 (20.00)

Saturday, July 7:
Quarter-Finals - Match 60
Samara: Winner match 55 v Winner match 56 (16.00)


Tuesday, July 10:
Semi-Finals - Match 61
St Petersburg: Winner match 57 v Winner match 58 (20.00)

Wednesday, July 11:
Semi-Finals - Match 62
Moscow Luzhniki: Winner match 59 v Winner match 60 (20.00)

2018 World Cup Final in Russia

Saturday, July 14:
Third-Place Play-off
St Petersburg: Loser match 61 v Loser match 62 (16.00)

Sunday, July 15:
2018 World Cup Final
Moscow Luzhniki: Winner match 61 v Winner match 62 (17.00)

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