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Switzerland - Hosted the fifth World Cup, in 1954. Switzerland - Hosted the fifth World Cup, in 1954.

For the fifth World Cup Finals, the tournament returned to Europe; to Switzerland, the home of FIFA, UEFA and the Olympic Committee.

Argentina again declined to participate, although Uruguay did appear to defend their trophy and try to get permanent ownership of it by winning the finals for a record third time.

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Switzerland 1954 - First Round, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Third place, 1954 World Cup Final.

World Cup History - Switzerland 1954

The fifth World Cup tournament produced a record number of goals, including a (7:5) encounter between Austria and Switzerland in Lausanne.

The Hungarians -- Olympic gold medalists and unbeaten for four years (amassing 27 wins and 4 draws from their 31 games) -- took the tournament by storm and added to the goal glut with considerable first round victories against Korea (9:0) and West Germany (8:3).

Ferenc Puskas, Jozsef Boszik and Sandor Kocsis were a feared trio and looked set to help Hungary to a World Cup victory, after eliminating Brazil (4:2) and Uruguay (4:2 aet) in the knockout stages.

In the Final in Bern, Hungary were confidently two goals up then stunned the watching fans by losing (2:3); to the team they'd already beaten (8:3) in the group stage, West Germany.

First Round - Group Stage

The 16 teams were arranged into four groups of 4 teams each, with the first two teams moving on to the quarter-finals.

As the teams only played two games each, a couple of play-offs were needed to seperate the second and third placed teams in two of the groups, even though the teams had already played each other. In both cases, the same team won again and the third placed team, on goal difference, then managed to advance to the knockout stage.

Group 1

16th June
Geneva: Brazil vs Mexico (5:0)
Lausanne: Yugoslavia vs France (1:0)

19th June
Geneva: France vs Mexico (3:2)
Lausanne: Brazil vs Yugoslavia (1:1 aet)

Brazil and Yugoslavia qualify for the quarter-finals.

Group 2

17th June
Berne: West Germany vs Turkey (4:1)
Zurich: Hungary vs South Korea (9:0)

20th June
Basel: Hungary vs West Germany (8:3)
Geneva: Turkey vs South Korea (7:0)

2nd Place Playoff -- 23rd June
Zurich: West Germany vs Turkey (7:2)

Hungary and West Germany qualify for the quarter-finals.

Group 3

16th June
Berne: Uruguay vs Czechoslovakia (2:0)
Zurich: Austria vs Scotland (1:0)

19th June
Basel: Uruguay vs Scotland (7:0)
Zurich: Austria vs Czechoslovakia (5:0)

Uruguay and Austria qualify for the quarter-finals.

Group 4

17th June
Basle: England vs Belgium (4:4 aet)
Lausanne: Switzerland vs Italy (2:1)

20th June
Berne: England vs Switzerland (2:0)
Lugano: Italy vs Belgium (4:1)

2nd Place Playoff -- 23rd June
Basel: Switzerland vs Italy (4:1)

England and Switzerland qualify for the quarter-finals.

Quarter-Finals - 26/27 June, 1954

26th June
Basel: Uruguay vs England (4:2)

Lausanne: Austria vs Switzerland (7:5)

27th June
Berne: Hungary vs Brazil (4:2)

Geneva: West Germany vs Yugoslavia (2:0)

Semi-Finals - 30th June, 1954

Basel: West Germany vs Austria (6:1)

Lausanne: Hungary vs Uruguay (4:2 aet)

Third Place - 3rd July, 1954

Zurich: Austria vs Uruguay (3:1)

1954 World Cup Final
4th July:
West Germany vs Hungary (3:2)

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16 Countries

Travel to Austria Austria
Group 3 (1:0) (5:0)
Quarter-finals (7:5)
Semi-finals (1:6)
Third place (3:1)

Travel to Belgium Belgium
Group 4 (4:4) (1:4)

Travel to Brazil Brazil
Group 1 (5:0) (1:1)
Quarter-finals (2:4)

Travel to Czech Republic Czechoslovakia
Group 3 (0:2) (0:5)

Travel to England England
Group 4 (4:4) (2:0)
Quarter-finals (2:4)

Travel to France France
Group 1 (0:1) (3:2)

Travel to Hungary Hungary
Group 2 (9:0) (8:3)
Quarter-finals (4:2)
Semi-finals (4:2 aet)
Finalist (2:3)

Travel to Italy Italy
Group 4 (1:2) (4:1) (1:4)

Travel to Mexico Mexico
Group 1 (0:5) (2:3)

Travel to Scotland Scotland
Group 3 (0:1) (0:7)
Quarter-finals (5:7)

Travel to South Korea South Korea
Group 2 (0:9) (0:7)

Travel to Switzerland Switzerland
Group 4 (2:1) (0:2) (4:1)

Travel to Turkey Turkey
Group 2 (1:4) (7:0) (2:7)

Travel to Uruguay Uruguay
Group 3 (2:0) (7:0)
Quarter-finals (4:2)
Semi-finals (2:4 aet)
Third place (1:3)

Travel to Germany West Germany
Group 2 (4:1) (3:8) (7:2)
Quarter-finals (2:0)
Semi-finals (6:1)
Winner (3:2)

Travel to Serbia Yugoslavia
Group 1 (1:0) (1:1)
Quarter-finals (0:2)

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