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USA - Hosted the fifteenth World Cup, in 1994. USA - Hosted the fifteenth World Cup, in 1994.

The Americans put money before passion to bid for the 15th World Cup. Maybe the finals should have gone to Morocco, who would have been the first African nation to host the tournament.

Instead, it was the United States who were given the honour and publishers got to work on producing hardbacks to explain the game to the host nation; and hopefully turn a quick profit.

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USA 1994 - First Round, Second Round, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Third place, 1994 World Cup Final.

World Cup History - USA 1994

The World Cup (US 94) was a marketing treat for the already large enough sponsors, a money-making enterprise for the merchandisers (although they lost a little by producing England World Cup caps and shirts (before the team had even qualified) but what of soccer in the States after that?

A condition for the event to be staged in USA was that they form a Major League, to be inaugurated in 1995. There was already a large football following in the States, the game with a round ball that is kicked with the foot, but they were mostly Latinos and schoolkids.

Fans in America for the World Cup had to cover a great distance, at least once, in the first round group stage. Those with money flew, although they saw little of the land, while the more adventurous trickled around on Amtrak and Greyhound.

Once Team US had played a few games (notching up a draw against Switzerland and a win, now worth three points, against Colombia) to move onto the Second Round (for a match against Brazil on July 4th) most of the nation knew that they were hosting the greatest show on earth and how the game was played.

While the United States could thank their lucky stars, for a (2:1) win over Colombia, Andres Escobar, the unlucky scorer of an own goal, was shot dead when he returned home. The Americans were stunned and thought the followers of this sport the craziest on the planet.

On the other hand, Brazil fans were drumming up plenty of support with their Samba beat, during their first round presence in San Francisco, that the date of America's Independence just added to the party atmosphere when the two teams met.

Nobody watching the evening fireworks, down at Fisherman's Wharf, expected the US to overcome Brazil but it would have been nice if Team US had made more of a game out of it.

Bebeto and Romario are a fearful duo and even with eight opponents constantly trying to block their telepathy they manage to break through to beat United States by a solitary goal.

What a shame that Brazil met Holland, in Dallas, in the quarter-finals. With 5 goals in the second half, the Cotton Bowl match was the stuff of legends; worthy of the final itself.

Instead, the Rose Bowl final was an anti-climax as Italy tried to hold Brazil and score on the break, like they did against Spain, but glamour boy Baggio didn't find the net; not even when the final ended (0:0 after extra-time) and he stepped up to take his penalty-kick. The ball flew high over the bar.

Brazil were crowned World Cup Champions, for a record fourth time, and Samba had found a new audience.

First Round - Group Stage

Group 1

18th June
Detroit: United States vs Switzerland (1:1)
Los Angeles: Romania vs Colombia (3:1)

22nd June
Detroit: Switzerland vs Romania (4:1)
Los Angeles: United States vs Colombia (2:1)

26th June
Los Angeles: Romania vs United States (1:0)
San Francisco: Colombia vs Switzerland (2:0)

Romania, Switzerland and United States move to the 2nd Round.

Group 2

19th June
Los Angeles: Cameroon vs Sweden (2:2)

20th June
San Francisco: Brazil vs Russia (2:0)

24th June
Detroit: Sweden vs Russia (3:1)
San Francisco: Brazil vs Cameroon (3:0)

28th June
Detroit: Brazil vs Sweden (1:1)
San Francisco: Russia vs Cameroon (6:1)

Brazil and Sweden move to the 2nd Round.

Group 3

17th June
Chicago: Germany vs Bolivia (1:0)
Dallas: Spain vs South Korea (2:2)

21st June
Chicago: Germany vs Spain (1:1)

23rd June
Boston: South Korea vs Bolivia (0:0)

27th June
Chicago: Spain vs Bolivia (3:1)
Dallas: Germany vs South Korea (3:2)

Germany and Spain move to the 2nd Round.

Group 4

21st June
Boston: Argentina vs Greece (4:0)
Dallas: Nigeria vs Bulgaria (3:0)

25th June
Boston: Argentina vs Nigeria (2:1)

26th June
Chicago: Bulgaria vs Greece (4:0)

30th June
Boston: Nigeria vs Greece (2:0)
Dallas: Bulgaria vs Argentina (2:0)

Nigeria, Argentina and Bulgaria move to the 2nd Round.

Group 5

18th June
New York: Republic of Ireland vs Italy (1:0)

19th June
Washington: Norway vs Mexico (1:0)

23rd June
New York: Italy vs Norway (1:0)

24th June
Orlando: Mexico vs Republic of Ireland (2:1)

28th June
New York: Republic of Ireland vs Norway (0:0)
Washington: Italy vs Mexico (1:1)

Mexico, Italy and Republic of Ireland move to the 2nd Round.

Group 6

19th June
Orlando: Belgium vs Morocco (1:0)

20th June
Washington: Holland vs Saudi Arabia (2:1)

25th June
New York: Saudi Arabia vs Morocco (2:1)
Orlando: Belgium vs Holland (1:0)

29th June
Orlando: Holland vs Morocco (2:1)
Washington: Saudi Arabia vs Belgium (1:0)

Saudi Arabia, Holland and Belgium move to the 2nd Round.

Second Round - The Last 16

2nd July
Chicago: Germany vs Belgium (3:2)
Washington: Spain vs Switzerland (3:0)

3rd July
Dallas: Sweden vs Saudi Arabia (3:1)
Los Angeles: Romania vs Argentina (3:2)

4th July
Orlando: Holland vs Republic of Ireland (2:0)
San Francisco: Brazil vs United States (1:0)

5th July
Boston: Italy vs Nigeria (2:1 aet)
New York: Bulgaria vs Mexico (1:1 aet) (3:1pens)

Quarter-Finals - 9th/10th July, 1994

9th July
Boston: Italy vs Spain (2:1)

Dallas: Brazil vs Holland (3:2)

10th July
New York: Bulgaria vs Germany (2:1)

San Francisco: Sweden vs Romania (2:2 aet) (5:4pens)

Semi-Finals - 13th July, 1994

Los Angeles: Brazil vs Sweden (1:0)

New York: Italy vs Bulgaria (2:1)

Third Place - 16th July, 1994

Los Angeles: Sweden vs Bulgaria (4:0)

1994 World Cup Final
17th July:
Brazil vs Italy (0:0 aet) (3:2pens)
Los Angeles.

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